COVID-19: Archive Your Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic is history happening now and your experiences are important to telling this story. The Texas State University Libraries and University Archives are collecting stories that show how our students, faculty, staff and community neighbors have experienced and documented the events as they unfold. We want to hear from you! Please consider uploading your personal experiences to our project: How you record and document your thoughts and experiences is up to you. You could write in a journal, record voice memos, save social media posts, or take photos and/or videos of life as you see it. All types

Round Rock Library takes steps to protect safety of patrons and staff

The RRC Library has incorporated various measures to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff when they visit the library. First and foremost, 100 percent of patrons visiting the RRC Library have been wearing a facemask following guidelines established by the university. Thank you for helping us, help you! Efforts have been made in the areas of cleaning and sanitation also, with the implementation of expanded cleaning routines by library staff. Computer stations are cleaned after each use including the keyboard, mice, and desktop area. This cleaning routine also includes open study areas. You, our users, help us by

New expanded fourth floor lounge is the place to take food and drink breaks

Beginning Monday, Oct. 19, the Alkek Library’s fourth floor lounge will cover an expanded area and become the library’s designated eating and drinking zone. The larger lounge area offers patrons a space where they can take a break and eat or drink without masks while seated. As with all campus dining areas, users of the space are expected to wear masks except when seated and actively eating. Creating this space will help us, help you by making it easier to enforce mask and social distancing requirements throughout the rest of the library. The lounge, Starbucks and the private study rooms

Library uses high-tech tool to sanitize materials for checkout

The Alkek Library staff is using a variety of tactics to keep library patrons and staff safe as they provide services and resources this fall. In order to continue to make books, research materials and equipment available for checkout, these returned items are quarantined and then sanitized before they are returned to circulation. Library staff are using this technology in areas where items are checked out for temporary use including the Checkout Desk and the Alkek One technology centers. To preserve library materials, ultra-violet (UV) lights are used to sanitize the materials using AC and USB UV Clean and Charge

October 5th is deadline to register for November election! Are you registered?

This is a major election year, and the University Libraries want to empower you with knowledge on registering to vote. You must be registered by October 5, 2020 in order to participate in the November Presidential Election.  Are you already registered? Check here to find out if you’re already registered, and where: If you are already registered, confirm that it is in the county of your current residence. San Marcos is in Hays County, and Round Rock is in Williamson. If you live in the surrounding areas, you might be in another county. If you are not registered in the

Alkek One makes new and emerging technology available to Texas State community

What is Alkek One? Alkek One is a hub of technology-focused spaces located on the first floor of the Alkek Library at Texas State University. Our spaces feature a variety of technology that centers on maker culture, immersive reality, time-based media, geographic information systems, and digital design. At the core of Alkek One is a micro-credentialing program, which fosters the connection between the physical spaces and the foundational concepts and skills that enable students to innovate using the technologies and tools available in those spaces. For the Fall 2020 semester, we are offering a series of online workshops that will

What’s New at Alkek?

So many things have happened in the Alkek Library since last spring. Here are the top six: Alkek One is open! The long awaited renovations to the first floor have been completed and new spaces have opened. There is a GeoSpace, DesignSpace, MakerSpace, Immersion Studio and all new YouStar Studios including two video recording studios, two audio recording studios and a production studio complete with sound boards and musical equipment. The staff for these new spaces will be offering a variety of online workshops this fall to help you become acquainted with the technologies and skills you can learn in

Green, Yellow, Red system in Alkek Library keeps patrons informed

To help library patrons make informed decisions when choosing where they want to work in the Alkek Library, staff will be monitoring each floor of the building and posting a risk level using stoplight colors. Staff will be counting the total number of people on each floor, as well as the number of patrons who are not properly wearing masks, every hour and using this data to assign a risk level. Signs displaying each floor’s most current risk level and an explanation of what that means is located at each floor’s central entrance point. Risk levels for all seven floors

Arlene Salazar named 2020 Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award recipient

Congratulations to Arlene Salazar, one of our amazing Research, Instruction, and Outreach Librarians, for being chosen as the staff recipient of the 2020 Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award. This award was established to honor Texas State University community members for exceptional commitment to diversity and inclusion. These awards recognize and reward faculty and staff members for activities that promote the university’s diversity and inclusion goals and the impact of those activities. Ms. Salazar was congratulated on the breadth and the depth of her work to make the University Libraries a more diverse and inclusive space through her long-standing work.

Alkek Library welcomes new head of Information and Undergraduate Services

Hi! I’m Jess Williams (she/her/hers), the new Head of Information & Undergraduate Services. Before coming to Alkek, I was the Library & Learning Commons Director at Texas Tech University — Costa Rica. I’m thrilled to be at Texas State, where I can still practice my Spanish and I have the privilege of working with the incredible team of library staff who you see every day at the Ask Alkek Desk and at events throughout the semester.  In my role, I empower my team to create and deliver services and events that make every undergraduate Bobcat feel like they belong at the Alkek Library.   The library is so big and full of resources that it can be overwhelming to learn how to take advantage