COVID-19: Archive Your Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic is history happening now and your experiences are important to telling this story. The Texas State University Libraries and University Archives are collecting stories that show how our students, faculty, staff and community neighbors have experienced and documented the events as they unfold. We want to hear from you! Please consider uploading your personal experiences to our project: How you record and document your thoughts and experiences is up to you. You could write in a journal, record voice memos, save social media posts, or take photos and/or videos of life as you see it. All types

Round Rock Library takes steps to protect safety of patrons and staff

The RRC Library has incorporated various measures to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff when they visit the library. First and foremost, 100 percent of patrons visiting the RRC Library have been wearing a facemask following guidelines established by the university. Thank you for helping us, help you! Efforts have been made in the areas of cleaning and sanitation also, with the implementation of expanded cleaning routines by library staff. Computer stations are cleaned after each use including the keyboard, mice, and desktop area. This cleaning routine also includes open study areas. You, our users, help us by

New expanded fourth floor lounge is the place to take food and drink breaks

Beginning Monday, Oct. 19, the Alkek Library’s fourth floor lounge will cover an expanded area and become the library’s designated eating and drinking zone. The larger lounge area offers patrons a space where they can take a break and eat or drink without masks while seated. As with all campus dining areas, users of the space are expected to wear masks except when seated and actively eating. Creating this space will help us, help you by making it easier to enforce mask and social distancing requirements throughout the rest of the library. The lounge, Starbucks and the private study rooms